Monday, August 27, 2007

More posters.... more signs of the times

Enough said, let's see the new posters fresh from Pyromaniacs, here.

P.S.: All the posters can be found here.


rick said...

ECM'ers haven't grown numb, they think these are moronic and not helpful. Some are misrepresentations of truth and all generalize views held by individuals. It's sad that believers are informed by these and feel ok with mocking others.

I'm not ECM but I'm angered that part of the church can boastfully attack another part in such an evil way.

ddd said...

Interesting answer. Let me ask you and all ECMers a question: Are people like Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Erwin McManus, Tony Campolo 'part of the church', or are they 'wolves in sheep clothing'?

rick said...

Brian McLaren - I know nothing about him.

Rob Bell - I don't know much about him either but I have some of the NOOMA videos. There is nothing heretical in them and that raise some real good questions that pointed me toward the God of the Bible.

Erwin McManus - I've listened to a dozen or so of his sermons and know someone that spoke with him. I heard nothing to cause alarm.

Tony Campolo - I don't know him.

So tell - do you? Did you learn something specific from these posters that helped you make some evaluation? Or are these simply a method used by immature men to gain popularity?

I haven't seen the value in them. I am very open to TeamPyro writing serious critique but by their own confession, they have given that up to "give people what they want", i.e., mockery.

But you have not said, why did you choose to link to them?

ddd said...

Hello Rick,

well.. As to why I link to them, aren't they nice posters? After all, can't you just appreciate their art form and be awed by the power of images as manifested by their impact on our postmodern society?

With regards to mocking, I would like to ask you a simple question: Was Elijah wrong to mock the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:27)?

And the question which I was trying to put across, but wasn't successful the first time round, is "Are the Emergents to be considered Christians and the ECM to be considered a Christian movement (not questioning whether there are Christians in the movement, mind you), and why?"

I think when these points are considered, perhaps you can start to see the light...