Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Open theism and Process theology

I have just finished reading two books which I would be reviewing soon: The Openness of God by Clark Pinnock et. al and Deeper than Darwin by John F. Haught. The former book promotes Open Theism while the latter promotes Process Theology. Very interesting. Judging by what the writers have written, it can be seen that Open Theism is very similar to Process Theology but there are differences between them. Here is a table comparing the two systems:


  • In both systems, something in God changes over time

  • Both systems start off with philosophical presuppositions and argue their positions philosophically

  • Both systems emphasize the love of God over all other attributes

  • Differences:

    Open Theism
    Process theology
  • God changes only in his cognitive aspect
  • God changes both ontologically and cognitively
  • Possess a veneer of evangelical Christianity, quoting various verses and evangelical theologians in its support
  • Utilize purely philosophical arguments with a few proof texts
  • Position comes from a broadly evangelical background
  • Position is derived from a liberal worldview
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