Friday, August 10, 2007

Articles on homosexuality

As the Singapore newspapers start to tire of the debate, and let the militant homosexual minority 'have the last word', so to speak, I think it is good to compile the various posts on the issue, with most of them written by my friend and brother-in-Christ Vincent Chia over at his blog Viva vox Dei.

Here are the various posts on why we should not decriminalize homosexuality in Singapore (Currently, Section S377a of the Penal Code calls homosexuality an unnatural act punishable by law, although almost nobody is prosecuted under it):

The Homosexual Issue in Singapore: A Deeper Legal Problem

The Homosexual Debate Cannot Escape a Moral Argument

The Homosexual Debate, Majoritarianism, and the Moral Argument

The Golden Rule of Reciprocity, Genetics, and the Homosexual Debate

And a short argument why the word homophobia is a misnomer and doesn't exactly exist:

The misnomer called Homophobia

And the concern that most (especially Singapore) churches would be at the mercy of homosexual propoganda, together with a very brief exegete of Rom. 1:18-28:

The infiltration of sodomy into Christianity

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vincit omnia veritas said...

Brother, thanks for compiling those articles for better exposure. We need to catch up some day.

God bless,