Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Review of book Deeper than Darwin

I have just finished a review of the bok Deeper than Darwin by John F. Haught, a philosophy of religion book which espouses Liberal theology in its particular mode of Process theology. Here it is.

Now, although ths system of Liberal theology is waaaaay out and very much different from anything remotely resembling biblical Christianity, the reason why I think this review is important is because Process theology is very similar to Open Theism, but possess certain qualities that would make it superior to Open Theism. For example, unlike Open Theism, Process theology is much more compatible with Evolution, Mysticism and the Eastern orthodox theory of Theosis with its close companion in Contemplative Spirituality. It is therefore my contention that the Emerging Church Movement (ECM), especially the Emergent wing, would take off in that direction. Although the ECM seems to be currently enamored by Open Theism, it is my prediction that Open Theism is not sufficiently post-modern and ambiguous enough for the ECM and definitely not for its Emergent wing, and therefore I predict that the ECM would move into a form of Process Theology, with its conception of 'surrendering to the depth of mystery'.

Since such is the case, and the ECM is permeating the visible churches, I think it would be a matter of time before we would have to face this in so-called 'evangelical' and post-evangelical churches. I therefore offer this review as a (hopefully) pre-emptive strike against the growing apostasy. May God help us all.

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