Sunday, August 12, 2007

CIC: Discerning Discernment - Heb. 5:12-14

Here is a good article on Discernment and the biblical way to train it.

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Saints With Swords said...

Indeed, an excellent article on discernment. I would take it one step further ... we are blessed in that our GOD is a relational GOD. The entire canon of scripture demonstrates this. The Bible is more than a book of laws, morals, and ethics. The Bible shows us GOD's passionate, loving pursuit of His children, and how HE wants us to 'draw near to Him' and to 'know Him'. So, more than knowing the scriptures ... it's knowing GOD and being in relationship with Him. How do we do this? First we humbling surrender to Him (James says we are to submit to Him). Then, with our will aligned with His, He gives us 'practice' (Hebrews 5:14) to discern His will. What is this 'practice'? I beieve the practice are the 'trials' we experience in life as Christ Followers (again, James). When we ask GOD for wisdom (practical discernment) what does He give us? More 'practice' in learning patience, joy, love, hope, kindness, gentleness, etc. It is thru the choices we make when we 'practice' that we 'see' God's will. Trial and error. Many of the Proverbs discuss this very thing. A discerning man learns from his mistakes. This is why I believe our Enemy is blinding the Church/Body. Again, James says we are to 'Submit to God ... and resist the devil'. How can we resist what we cannot see (discern)? Oue Enemy does not want us to see his movements or hear GOD's voice. He has blinded the church. Yes, read scripture, study on it, meditate on it, but more than this also ask for wisdom and 'see' how GOD gives you 'practice' in your daily life to learn to see where GOD is, and where GOD is not. SUMBIT, SEE, RESIST.