Thursday, September 08, 2011

Rick Warren denies the Gospel, on tweet

Imputation is 1sided but fellowship with Christ is 2sided.Koinonia means PARTICIPATION! God want your passion,not passivity — Rick Warren via Twitter


I guess I should not be surprised, but when a supposed pastor think that the doctrine of imputation is (1)one-sided, (2)unimportant, then you know that the Gospel message is not believed by him. The focus on fellowship more than the Gospel sounds more like the unbiblical Eastern Orthodox teaching of theosis than the biblical doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone.

The part about passion seems more in line with the enthusiasm of radical Anabaptism. There is nothing wrong with passion per se, but there is everything wrong when passion is the goal. Even worse, Warren thinks that God wants our passion, as if God desires our good works and high emotions.

Warren does not believe in the biblical Gospel, no matter how much "paint" Piper uses in an attempt to whitewash him. His religion is American revivalist moral therapeutic deism, and should be treated as such.


Anonymous said...

Agreed! I get immediately suspect whenever people preach or teach in such as way as to "breeze over the gospel" in order to get to the idea that God wants "transformation". Expecially when the teacher or preacher begins to only talk about how we need to change and do this or that to please God. It's if they do not know what the gospel is all about and why it is so wonderful.

DMG said...

If Warren is Piper's "brother in Christ" what does this make Piper?

Denise said...

I wonder what Tricky means "imputation is one sided"? Considering he denies total depravity and thinks man has basic good in him, this doesn't make sense. Look what he said in his beliefnet interview in 2008:

"But going back to this thing about heaven and getting into a perfect place. Let’s say we got a scale of 1 to 100. Let’s put Hitler at zero and Mother Teresa at 100 OK. And Steve you’re at 85 and Larry’s at 65 and I’m at 45. The truth is, some people are better than others, there’s no doubt about it. Some people are more moral than others, they’re nicer, they’re less selfish, less self-centered, things like that. But the truth is, nobody makes [it] to perfection… And so somebody’s got to make up that difference. And that’s the gift I believe Jesus came to – to make up the difference between my zero and my 100 or my 45 and 100 -- somebody’s got to make up that difference. "

This is a denial of the doctrine of Justification which assumes our total sinfulness.

Wouldn't it also be accurate to say that Jesus was imputed with our sin at the cross--that is to say, He was counted as a sinner although He was impeccable? You know, that Great Exchange? God treating us as if we had the righteousness of Christ and treating Christ as if He had the unrighteousness of us?

I'm not surprised that Piper loves Tricky. Afterall, Piper also loves Doug Wilson who is into the Federal Vision anti-justification by faith stuff. I believe (someone can check), that Piper's book "Future Grace" also leans that way. So for Piper to embrace Warren actually is in line with his doublemindedness on the doctrine of Justification.

Welcome to the Graveyard of "Christian Hedonism".

Daniel C said...


Indeed, this tweet is just one more indication that Rick Warren needs to repent and believe in the true Gospel.

Daniel C said...


Good question. I think that Piper is playing politics here though, all the more to get more influence.

Daniel C said...


Warren is a semi-Pelagian in fact, that's for sure.

And yes, that is the biblical doctrine of imputation.

DMG said...

Well, we know that "more influence" is not a fruit. 'even more to consider re: Piper. (and "more influence" with what agenda? growth? numbers? 'like his "brother"?)

Thanks P.R.!

terriergal said...

oh wow, I missed this one. !!

Daniel C said...


Bastian Hein said...

The idea of theosis can also be found in Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Life" (Day 22), which had and still has great influence on evangelical christians. The problem is his understanding of sin, which has nothing in common with the biblical hamartiology. Therefore he doesn't need the gospel...

Daniel C said...