Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Recommendation: When the Wicked Seize A City, by Chuck and Donna McIlhenny

In the midst of my busyness, I decided to read this book which I have recently bought. With an eye-catching title, I however wasn't sure what was the exact content of the book. Having read it now, I am of the opinion that this should be a must-read book for Christians who are now still in this world.

When the Wicked Seize A City by Chuck and Donna McIlhenny goes through the struggles of Chuck McIlhenny and his family as they pastor an Orthodox Presbyterian Church in probably the most immoral cities in the world: San Francisco. It details the outright persecution and hatred the Homofascists have against Christians, and the Homosexual agenda that aims to subvert and destroy the family, and society with it. The death threats, hate mail, and even one arson attack on his house in which the house was set on fire in an attempt to silence him. All this is in "tolerant" San Francisco, where much is tolerated but the Gospel is certainly not.

If one wants to see how homofascists with power work to ram their agenda down everyone's throat, and the proper Christian response to it, check out this book. When the wicked indeed seize a city, you will see that standing for Christ will cost a lot. 2 Tim. 3:12 still remains as Scripture, and violent persecution of Christians exist even in the mirage of "Christian America."

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