Thursday, December 20, 2007

Video: Homosexuals are the real bigots

Here is a good message from Dr. Alan Cairns of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America on the subject of homosexuals bigots.

I guess it is time to start exposing the homofascists for what they are. It is time to expose their wicked, perverse and hypocritical strategy of claiming to be the victims of hate while hating, defaming and attacking those who disagree with them.

And I agree with Dr. Cairns. "No one who practices homosexuality can be saved. He may repent from his sins and be delivered from his pervasion by saving grace, ... , [but] he cannot hold on to his homosexuality and be a Christian". And this applied equally to lesbians too, for those egalitarians who are complementarian-impaired.


Geraint said...

Dr Cairns may indeed know more than you might think about fascism ... of the ecclesiastical variety.

Daniel C said...


whatever your accusations, the fact of the homosexual bigots stand. And regarding your accusations, unless there is solid proof, I will not entertain them. I'm sure you know that accusations against ministers require real solid proof, not shaky inferences.

And for the record, I am against the baptism of children (not infants). Just to stretch that to make a point, do we baptize a person who is 20 years old just because his parents decide to follow Christ according to the classic understanding of pedobaptism? I sincerely hope not. Children nowadays are able to cognitively understand and either accept or reject the Gospel, and therefore to place them under Covenantal Infant Baptism is wrong; plain wrong. So in this matter, I have no problem whatsoever with Dr. Cairns's position. We should derive our position from Scripture instead of (Reformed) Tradition, right?