Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The roots and fruits of the New Apostolic Reformation

Here is a very good article by Pastor Bob DeWaay on the deception called the New Apostolic Reformation. This is especially needful in Singapore since a lot of these false prophets and apostles are popular here. And the main reaons why I am definitely against Charismatism in Singapore is because almost all Charismatic churches or charismatic-influenced churches here are involved in this heretical movement. When my former church transited from a traditional to a charismatic church, the leaders openly embraced the New Apostolic movement, with all the talk about 'prayer warfare', 'spiritual mapping' etc. Been there, done that. And I can testify from personal experience that growing deeper into that movement destroys the personal walk of the believer and makes him more and more alienated from God. So please do avoid this heretical movement.

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