Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pro Veritas: Keep S377a!

A website (Keep377a) has been created to combat the pro-sodomite website (which promotes the repeal of a perfectly legitimate and moral law, in order to serve the homosexual minority interest).

You can access the site and sign the petition here.

We have already garnered about 9000+ signatures, more than the pro-sodomite Repeal377a website (with around 7000 signatures).

As we take a stand for truth, let us realize that ultimately this is a spiritual battle. The sodomites and their supporters are blinded in their depravity by their depraved nature and kept that way by the the god of this age, Satan himself. Satan himself is manipulating them in his bid to destroy the society of Singapore, as he has already succeeded to a certain extant in other so-called 'progressive' countries. This battle must ultimately be fought by prayer, although that does not mean we should not support and sign this petition. Those who think that just praying is enough have a skewed, unbibical view of how God works in the world, since He does use means e.g. people like us, and definitely even unbelievers, to accomplish what He desires to do on our behalf. The opposite error is of course also wrong, since this is primarily a spiritual battle.

As such, I hereby call on all concerned Christians, especially those in Singapore, to action. In the name of our Lord, please stand up and be counted. Please sign the petition as a responsible Christian in this land, AND THEN go and pray to God and intercede for our nation.

Speaking of intercession, please pray first of us for God to forgive our sins. God has allowed this to happen because of the compromises of the Church. The (visible) Church of Singapore has compromised the Gospel in varying degrees, and she has prostituted herself to various heresies and lusted after idols; idols of wealth, fame and false "peace" & "unity". This homosexual plague is a curse sent on us because we have not followed Christ with a pure heart. Do you think that God can stop this from happening? But yet He choses not to. We would probably win this round, but this is a warning to us. If we don't get our act together, this issue would definitely crop up again and it may well be successful the next time round. While we still can, let us turn to God, before it is too late and God pour out His judgment on us, like what He is currently doing to USA.

[HT: Viva Vox Dei]


Anonymous said...

Hi, your post has been featured in The Singapore Daily []. Do come and see what others have to say about the s377a issue. Keep blogging!

Daniel C said...

Eh... Thanks much for the publicity.