Sunday, October 07, 2007

DOODM - New blog

Here is an all too real satirical piece on anti-discernment ministries. It looks too real for comfort, with the only exception that most of such anti-discernment (mostly Emergent-friendly) websites express their intolerance and hostility towards God a bit more subtly. Oh my, I just can imagine such comments being thrown around by those 'loving and non-judgmental' Christians who continually judge us for judging others. Funny why I don't seem to 'feel the love'...


MC said...

i actually found it quite amusing that these guys sincerely believed they are the most loving people around.. while actually being the most hateful people around.. especially since the posters are extremely tactful, harmless and arent even accusing them

everyone is wrong, + they have some divine right to say that everyone is wrong, but according to them its wrong to say that anything is wrong, especially when they themselves are concerned

the trinity bit was rather funny too

Daniel C said...