Saturday, June 09, 2007

Song: How great You are

Nice song, although I cannot find any recording of the music, yet. (FYI: The chords displayed here are written by me, for guitar.)

How great You are
(© 1993 Maranatha Praise, Inc./ Christ for the Nations Music
Words and Music by Shannon Wexelberg)

You are deserving
Of all the praises Lord
My heart is yearning
                        Am7                D7
To be in Your presence once more
          Bm                       Em
Deep inside my heart is burning
   Bm                      Em
I want to give You more
        Am                    C             D
And You’re the only one that I adore


                          C C2      C              G   D/F#   Em
How great You are, how great You are
         Am7              G
You are the mighty King
                     C                        D7
And You’ve come to reign in me
                          C C2      C              G   D/F#   Em
How great You are, how great You are
   Am7                  C          D7      G
I give You all the praises of my heart


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that you can download the song here:-

ddd said...

Thanks, whoever you are =)

vincit omnia veritas said...

Hi Daniel,

If you keep posting like this, you can be assured that you will be accepted in any blogroll. Have you visited wooq's blog? :))


ddd said...

Hmmm, is that good or bad... Ya, I have visited Beowulf's blog, but it has long since been inactive.