Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gen12ii mission trip: SCP2007

Well, I am going for a local mission trip from the 18-27 June 2007, to reach out to primarily mainland Chinese tourists with the Gospel. The whole project is called Southern Cross. Anyway, my team would be staying together in a place without Internet connection, and we wouldn't want to be distracted from our mission anyway, so I won't be blogging during that time period. Since I'm the prayer I/C, I would be able to post our prayer pointers here earlier (slightly), so for those who want to partner with us in reaching out to the mainland Chinese tourists in Singapore, do pray for us.


vincit omnia veritas said...

Ai Daniel ... which area of Singapore will you be at? Maybe we can pass by to encourage you.

The Passover ... er ... pass over by you.

ddd said...

I will be in Esplanade area during the morning. And we will be staying near the Sophia Road area.

Spiritual Israel said...

Dear Daniel,
Reaching out to others with the gospel is always a good work. May the Lord bless you. You can gather a few people in church and pound the streets of City Hall or Orchard Road and bring the gospel.
I hope you do that. You have my blessings. I will pray for you in your work. Do let me know how it went when you get back.

Btw. what is the follow-up procedures if your Chinese converts want to attend church? Where will you lead them?

ddd said...

Thanks, Pastor Paul.

As for follow-up procedures, I do not yet know them, but I think that we will bring them to our respective churches.