Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some questions for the Emerging Church

Here is an interesting post, and here are my 5 questions for those in the Emerging Church movement:

1) Do you believe that words can be used to potray a definite fixed objective meaning, and that there is only one correct meaning of a particular phrase in a particular context in the Bible, and that this does not change over time?

2) If a concept, doctrine or practice is not approved of within the Bible, can it even be considered as being remotely Christian if held or done in the name of Christ and using Christian terminology?

3) Do the ends justify the means in obeying any of God's commands and decrees?

4) Which is better in the eyes of God: Being open to all points of views because we are only human and thus do not know anything, or being confident and bold in our proclaimation of only one interpretation of God's absolute and unchanging truth?

5) What is the doctrine of seperation, and if you agree with it, how should it be applied? If you don't agree with it, why not?

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