Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sola Scriptura, Creeds, Confessions and Tradition: Before it starts

I have decided to start with this topic, since it is the easiest to do.

With regards to the discussion in this post, I see that there is something which needs to be taken care of within the conservative circles in Evangelical Christianity. Whereas I had strived to present a Scriptural defense of Sola Scriptura in a series of posts which are then compiled into an article ealier, such a series was mainly written for most 'evanjellyfishes' who for whatever reason either reject the principle of Sola Scriptura or those do not know anything much about it, and thus are ill-prepared to fight the spiritual battle against our foes. Also, it is useful as apologetic material against the rank liberals (of which I have employed then against a Theosophist), and also to be used on the 'all-too-humble' people in the postmodern emerging church movement, which I however have not have the time to do so yet.

Since joining a conservative church last year, I have been concerned over certain issues. Contary to what others may think, I despise conflict. I do not purposefully go around criticizing others and playing the role of the Inquisitor. However, when push comes to shove, I will not shirk from taking up the pen of faith to defend the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For me, this issue on Sola Scriptura, Creeds, Confessions and Tradition is forced. I was trying to avoid conflict at 'home' if I can. However, this may well stir up a storm, as I do know some of the people who read my blog, but I'll be praying that it won't hapen. May we be willing to examine our beliefs in light of Scripture, and not be hasty in passing judgment on our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

With that, let us start this short series.

[to be continued]

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vincit omnia veritas said...

I like your spirit of Sola Scriptura. True Sola Scriptura is Bible alone; that is almost lost to the world of ecclesiastical traditionalism. As I had said before, I eagerly await your post on “certain” issues. I also pray that this does not result in a storm. A little drizzle is OK, though.

Vincent Chia