Friday, December 08, 2006

Reflection on blog posts...

In the process of categorizing my blog posts into various categories, I have managed to get a overview of all the 180 blog posts I have done so far, and thus able to see in a sense my growth and walk with God in the past year or so. I would like to take the opportunity to thank God for all the good things he has done for me. Despite the pain and suffering I went through intially when I left my former church, God has always been there for me; His unseen hand always guiding me and leading me in the paths of righteousness and growth in Him. Oh ya, and such is a fitting way to celebrate the first aniversary of my blog :P, to thank God for all the things He has brought me through and allowed me to go through.

To my Lord and King, I thank You for all these gifts of Yours and Your loving tender guidance and grace. Truly, it is only by Your grace that I am able to stand firm in your truth in the courts of the ungodly. Such great love and compassion and grace! They are unmeasurable. O Lord, were You to treat us as our deeds deserve, we would perish. But yet, You condescend and stoop to save us by sending Your son Jesus Christ to die for us, so that we might become the children of God, to be holy and pleasing in Your sight. Not because of what we have done, but because of the work of Your son Jesus Christ in purchasing salvation for us Your people. Oh, Lord, the injustice of it all, and yet all the more glorious; that You died for sins You did not commit and we get to receive the gift of eternal life which we are incapable of even deserving to get. Oh Father, grant us the grace to daily turn to You, grant us the love for You and to obey Your Word. Thank You for all the glorious deeds You have done for me despite my unloveliness and hard-heartedness against You, my Lord and King.

Oh Lord, and may it be within Your pleasure, O Great God of Creation and Sovereign Ruler of all, to grant to Your Church grace to persevere in Your truth, to persevere in knowing You, to proclaim Your great name among the heathen. May we be obedient to Your truth, that Your Bride would be pure and undefiled of all heresies and compromise. May we be ever zealous for Your name, and for Your glory. Give us the passion to proclaim Your name in whatever we do, to everyone around us, and that You may use us as Your instruments to acheive the salvation of Your elect. Help us to stay strong in You. O Lord, even as the days grow ever darker still, and apostasy is every increasing. Give us the strength to persevere, and to continue shining for You. O Lord, we pray that You will draw Your people out of the apostasizing 'churches'; we pray that You will bring many people from the compromising churches back to You and the pure standard of Your Word. O Lord, have mercy on Your people, and bring them out from these compromised churches. Expose them, so that these 'churches' would stop ensnaring Your people. Expose them for who they are — imposters, charlatans and heretics (wolves), so that we would not follow them and would follow You alone, the only true loving and gracious God.

O Father, you know the needs of our land. You know the troublers who are disturbing the flock. Expose them for who they are, and bring swift retribution against them for the damage they have done to your flock. Punish their wickedness! May they be put to shame! If You are so willing, open the eyes of the churches in Singapore to the various deceptions they are bound to. Open their eyes to see the crafty web of deception spun by the heretic Rick Warren. O Lord, by ourselves we can do nothing, but by Your strength we can do everything. O Lord, move among us. May You have mercy on us the visible Church. Relent from Your fierce anger, O Father, which we have incurred by our constant rebellion against You. Send forth the convicting power of Your Holy Spirit to turn our hearts back to You again, that we may turn from our useless idols and turn to You alone. Grant us repentance, that we may turn back to our first love and be Your pure Bride again. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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