Monday, December 04, 2006

More Purpose Driven deception...

OK, I know most of my readers are sick of Rick Warren and Purpose Driven by now, and so am I. Anyway, I have just heard a 'sermon' by 'Pope' Rick which Singapore Campus Crusade distributed to her supporters. So before I leave Warren to his delusions of grandeur, I will be reviewing this 'sermon' of his, plus post my position paper on the Purpose Driven paradigm. Anyway, I would really need to thank Campus Crusade for giving me this piece of ammo. I now possess a significant piece of hard evidence to prove many of the allegations that I have heard of but had not have the proof to make — until now.

FYI: As a side note, I can see why many people are so easily deceived by that heretic. He uses Christian terminoloy that is very familiar to those who are in Neo-Evangelism. Also, after being fed chariamaniac cum seeker sensitive diluted porridge for so long, most Christians don't have the ability to discern anything at all. They thus become the sad fulfilment of Eph. 4:14. May God have mercy on His Church.

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Affy said...

Bro Daniel,

Jiayou for the position paper as well as writing the critique for his sermon.

I hope the truth will come to light soon. Then all will know and expose RW for who he is.