Sunday, December 31, 2006

On the heretic Dan Corner

I have just heard Gene Cook's radio program interview with Dan Corner of Evangelical Outreach. I cannot believe what I heard, or perhaps it is because I don't normally hang out with such people. Here is a nice cartoon on the website regarding Dan Corner and his ilk.

Straw man argumentation indeed! As you can hear from the radio interview, this modern-day Pelagian heretic denies the doctrine of Original Sin. Furthermore, he holds that Jesus' prayers, especially His High Priestly prayer in Jn. 17 are not answered, which make the role of Jesus as our great High Priest into a mockery (Heb. 9:11-28), and violates Scripture which states that Jesus' prayers and supplications are heard (Heb. 5:7).

With regards to his stand on 'conditional security of salvation', it can be seen firstly that he compartmentalizes various aspects of theology, as if the doctrine of 'Eternal security' can be seperated from the purpose of Christ' intercession to the Father on our behalf (Rom. 8: 34). Consistent with his denial of Original Sin, he claims that there are various degrees of sin, of which some sins do not deserve hellfire, quoting 1 Cor. 6:9-10 to illuistrate which sins when committed would made one lose his/her salvation. Such categorization of sins into 'sins that makes one lose salvation' and 'sins that do not make one lose salvation' violates Scripture which states that ALL and any sins deserve the wrath of God (Jas. 2:10; Rom. 3:23) in hellfire. This reeks of Roman Catholicism with its terminology of 'Venial sins' and 'Mortal sins'. Anyway, even using the 1 Cor. 6:9-10 criteria, together with Jesus' Sermon on the Mount exposition in Mt. 5-7, especially Mt. 5:21-30, can Dan Corner honestly say that he does not lust? I myself do not dare to make such a claim, knowing full well the depraved nature still inherent in me. Oh wait, he claims to have not lust. Oh well, I guess I am more sinful than him ...

Do hear Gene's conclusion though. It is a summary of a biblical analysis of Dan Corner's heretical theology.

Anyway, I pity Dan Corner. He has and can never have any assurance of salvation, contra to 1 Jn. 5:13. As a Pelgian heretic, he promotes a different gospel of 'legalism' and is under the anathema of God pronounced in the Scriptures (Gal. 1:8-9), being no different from the Judaizers of Paul's day. It is indeed a fearful thing to wake up to the wrath of God poured out against heretics! May God have mercy on him and bring him to salvation in Jesus Christ alone.

[Update: Here is James R. White's update on the issue here.]

[HT: Dr. James R. White of Alpha and Omega Ministries; Calvinist Gadfly]

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opinion-minion said...

I think I nearly burst a blood vessel laughing at the brilliant illustration. Thanks.