Monday, August 07, 2006

Thank You Lord!

I just want to share with all my readers how joyful I am today. Even as I work to expose the errors in the various 'Christian' movements and also perhaps to edify the Body of Christ by my articles on various doctrines, I can see that my efforts on behalf of the Lord has not been in vain. OK, I know that as a Christian, we are not supposed to seek anyone's approval, and I endeavor to do all of this for the audience of One, our Lord Jesus Christ. Though I am reviled by Man and even so in the supposedly Christian commuity, I will continue pressing on towards the goal God has called me in Christ Jesus. Even then, I am still human. It isn't easy to go against the 'Christian' establishment, you know.

Yesterday, it was good to be encouraged (in turn) by Rev. Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries, after he quoted one of my comments in one of his missives, which had encouraged him. Although we are physically seperated by the Pacific Ocean, of different ethnicities and nationalities (and also on our views of infant baptism = P), what unites us is the family bond in our Lord Jesus Christ, in which there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, but all are one in Christ Jesus (Gal. 3:28). I am encouraged by his kind words in an email he sent to me, as I had initially misinterpret his words and thus he had emailed me to correct my misinterpretation.

Today, words of encouragement from my brothers-in-Christ Jason and Wenxian have also given me strength to carry on. Moreover, even as I talk to my fellow (Campus) Crusaders as we serve together, I can see that there is an openess in some of them in talking about some of these controversial issues, totally unlike the mainstream church leaders in Singapore who in their carnal pride often treat you like dirt and ignore the clear commands of our Lord Jesus Christ (do look up Jer. 50:6 and Ez. 34:1-16). I have yet to hear from Mr. Chen Huilin, the director of Campus Crusade Mass Media. Can I safely put him in the same category as the Singapore GDOP leaders?

Anyway, thanks God for giving me all of this. I do not deserve such grace, and I thank You for giving me all of this even though I do not even deserve to pick up the crumbs under Your table (Mt. 15:27). To God be the highest glory, amen.


Affy said...

hello brother daniel,

I'm encouraged too... We're not alone in this fight!

Preservere on and do not give up until the LORD comes bro...

Chen Huilin? I think we better classify him as such unless he proves otherwise. Leadership makes prideful people... sighz.

Anonymous said...

Foolish people tear the family apart. The prideful ones label others so. If you are not self-righteous and prideful, allow this post to appear in your comments. Otherwise you are no better than what you claimed others to be.

Daniel C said...

Hello Anonymous,

for one claiming to be loving, you do come across as extremely judgmental. Let me put it bluntly to you this way: You do not know even one bit about the ministry I do in my ordinary 'day-life'. Judging me to be self-righteous and prideful without knowing me is a sin, you know. When you can be less self-righteous and stop attacking people's character, then we can talk better.

Affy said...

I agree with daniel - this anonymous man is very judgemental.

1. He calls daniel a 'foolish person who tears the family apart'-without proof and are we to take this real fool's (anonymous) words? It is silent prideful people who don't really care about the Church and allows heresies to come in, who are to be labelled as that.

2. He calls Daniel proud by saying: "The prideful ones label others so." - firstly, he himself is doing a unsolicted piece of labelling and without any proof as well. So if labelling is proud, then what does it make anonymous? even IF it is so, daniel is at least explaning it, while Mr high and almighty judge anonmyous seems to be immune to his own rules... hypocrite!

By saying: "If you are not self-righteous and prideful, allow this post to appear in your comments. Otherwise you are no better than what you claimed others to be." , mr anonymous is playing a game of 'one-up-ity' where a righteous man is determined by how much courage he has, to post a comment, regardless of its content.

Daniel, on the other hand, is of high integrity, posting his evidences and his proofs to all and making it clear to everyone. And since he endures scorn (from sneaky thieves like anonymous most of the time) most of the time, there is really no reward behind it - meaning that he is acting in faith and in tough love.

By God's definition, a righteous man is that whom Jesus has imbued righteousness on - a gift that we receive by faith.