Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chinese theological words...

Just for some fun, I would like to post some names and theological words in Chinese. [Note: Chinese (simplified) font must be enabled to see them]

John Calvin = 约翰 。 加尔文

James Arminius = 雅各 。 阿民念

Calvinism = 加尔文主义

Arminianism = 阿民念主义

Reformed = 改教

Reformation = 改革时期

Puritan = 清教

Canons of Dordt = 多特信条

Heiderberg Catechism = 海德堡要理问题

Belgic Confession of Faith = 比利时信条

Westminster Confession of Faith = 韦斯敏斯德信条

Monergism = 神恩独作论

Synergism = 神人合作论

For the last two, I sortof coined them on the spot. Perhaps there already exists translated words for these two. If so, does anyone know of them?


Anonymous said...

the last two in chinese:

- Monergism = 神恩独作说

- Synergism = 神人合作说


Daniel C said...

Thanks a lot.