Thursday, August 24, 2006

Article: Sin Management is big business

Read this article by Paul Proctor entitled 'Sin Management is Big Business'. Self-explanatory.


vincit omnia veritas said...

Hmmm ... Rick Warren and AIDS. Are there both infectious diseases?

Rickets: Soft bones due to deficiency of Vit D - "Vital Death to Self." Resulting in no repentance, no spinal column, and ears that itch for Warrenism. This is Rick-ets.

AIDS: Soft immune system, due to deficiency of T cells - "Time to go, and "cell" all you have." Resulting in no repentance, no future, and ears that will be filled with earth once buried.

Ah ... yes. They both are diseases.

Oh, horrible!

Affy said...

Haha! Thats really funny!