Saturday, May 30, 2009

Persecution of Christians...

Here are two news of Christians undergoing persecution, one in a supposedly secular non-discriminatory Singapore, and the other in supposedly Christian America.

It has been reported previously that a couple, ONG Kian Cheong and his wife Dorothy CHAN Hien Leng, were charged for sedition under the Sedition Act in Singapore for distributing booklets deemed to be offensive to Muslims. Recently, the couple has been convicted by the Court as being guilty of sedition. The hypocrisy is simply amazing. As I have shown in a satire, the supposedly non-discriminatory Singapore government seemingly has no problems with the showing of the blasphemous Da Vnci Code movie, in which Christianity was insulted. I wonder if anyone were to similarly charge MDA under the Sedition Act, would we see a guilty conviction or would the court instead throw out the case immediately?

In "Christian" America, a couple, Pastor David and Mary Jones, was ordered to halt Bible studies conducted at their home by the San Diego County unless they pay thousands of dollars for a permit to do so. The couple has decided to contest the ruling, failing which they would sue the county in a federal court.

As the end time draw near, the persecution of Christians continue to grow in earnest. Let us pray for God to be with our persecuted brethren that He may comfort them in their trials, and that they will witness for Him despite their hardships.

P.S.: Check this out for some comic relief.

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BEAST FCD said...

I disagree with you on one count.

A few years back a teenager was also charged under the sedition act for drawing pictures of Jebus zombies. And then there was another who also wrote stuff about Islam and got slapped with the Sedition Act.

I do agree with you on one count: The sedition act is erroneous, being a dinosaur from the old colonial times, and should be scrapped from our law books. As far as I know, the sedition act no longer exists in England.

Beast FCD