Saturday, May 02, 2009

The New Evangelical method of argumentation

Pursuant to my post exposing the New Calvinist infatuation with positivity as can be seen in Challies' two posts, I have received some feedback on the matter. It is sincerely hoped that my full article on New Evangelical Calvinism, which provides the foundation of my case, would help to change their minds, but I am not too optimistic about it.

From the interaction so far, the best that can be offered in defense of Challies' posts is that "Challies is correct", or that "Challies has a point". What has NOT been attempted so far is a biblical and historical refutation of the arguments in the article. Hopefully, with my full article online now, there would be a change in the way the topic is addressed. Honestly, if the only response is an appeal to the subjective sans biblical support, then my point is further proved; that New Calvinism is content to profess (and work on to a certain extent) unity on the material principle of Scripture, but it categorically ignores the formal principle of Sola Scriptura in the process.

With this, let us see how things work out. As it is, if this infatuation with positivity continues within the New Calvinist movement, then the only option left is to treat them the same as the New Evangelical movement; just as errant and as compromising of the faith as their predecessor, and we should expect that doctrinal compromise within the camp would soon come, as per their predecessor the New Evangelicalism with the crisis over the topic of Inerrancy in the 1960-80s.

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