Sunday, May 03, 2009

An "Evil as Entertainment" watchblog

It is no secret that I find Tim Challies' criteria for "evil as entertainment" watchblogs to be totally subjective. However, since the New Calvinists want to play the game of subjectivity, two can play the game.

I have just discovered the blog of a Driscoll fan, who has published quite a lot of posts denouncing the Faith Defenders blog and Stephen Macasil in particular. Between fawning over Mark Driscoll and attacking the Faith Defenders, I guess such stuff make up about 70-80% of his blog. As of today May 3rd 2009, I have counted (with some overlap) 16 posts attacking Dr. Bob Morey, Faith Defenders and the Biblical Thought blog, 16 posts promoting Mark Driscoll, and 4 neutral from Apri 3rd 2009 onwards. That turns out to be 44.4% on Dr. Bob Morey et al, 44.4% on Mark Driscoll and the remaining 11.1% on other issues.

According to Tim Challies' criteria therefore, the "True Faith Defender" blog is a watchblog which dispenses "evil as entertainment". I'll let the New Calvinists and their allies play catch-up here if they so wish to.

[Come to think of it, I sortof like playing the AODMers' role for once. All thanks to Tim Challies for his "enlightening" posts]

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