Sunday, May 10, 2009

Faith and works: Illustration from the miracle drug Chlorozoetin

Dan Phillips in the TeamPyro blog has posted an excellent article on the relation of faith to works, using a hypothetical anti-cancer miracle drug called Chlorozoetin which has two effects:

  1. The Cancer starts shrinking
  2. Your skin begins to turn green

His adaptation of passages in 1 Jn. and James is rather illustrative in demonstrating the relation of faith to works:

Everyone who has taken the Chlorozoetin has green skin, and overcomes cancer. If anyone says "I've taken Chlorozoetin," but does not have green skin, and still has growing cancer, he is a liar. By this you know that you have taken Chlorozoetin: your cancer is beaten back, and you have green skin. What use is it to say you've taken Chlorozoetin, but your skin isn't green? Will that cure your cancer?

You can read the full article here.

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