Sunday, May 24, 2009

Death is not Dying

This is a video of Rachel Barkey’s talk at the Women’s Event hosted by Westside Church at the River Rock Show Theatre in Richmond, BC, Canada, held on March 4, 2009. Rachel is a terminal cancer patient on the brink of death. When one faces death, everything becomes much much clearer and things of eternal value becomes central to us. Do listen to the dying words of this Christian sister. As Dr. James White says:

There are so many worthless things that take up our days. Put some of them aside for just under an hour and listen, or watch. Don't do so listening for imperfections, do so listening for words of life. ...

Death is not Dying



Beng said...

Thanks for sharing this.

PuritanReformed said...


you're welcome.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Indeed, close to the bone yet refreshingly pertinent.