Saturday, May 27, 2006

More information on the worldwide Global Day of Prayer movement

Moving on from the open letter to the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) Singapore committees, here is an interesting deconstruction of the roots of the entire Global Day of Prayer movement. As its heretical roots in the latter rain movement are uncovered, let us flee from this unbiblical facade of biblical piety and holiness, and turn back to God alone as stated in His Word.


888 said...

Dear Daniel,
You wrote on anothjer blog:
"And to Bruce, when you can demonstrate from the Scriptures that reincarnation is taught there, and not quoting verses out of context, then we can discuss. However, there are no verses that support your views and thus your views are wrong. Belief in reincarnation would render the doctrines of original sin, of grace and faith in Christ, and of the final judgment useless. Therefore, the teaching on reincarnation is heresy. Since you teach heresy, it is true that you blaspheme God. And the Jews did not believe in reincarnation, at least not until the Middle Ages when the Kabbalah mysticism emerges. So your facts are wrong."

I can answer these and many other objections. The question is, can you answer my objections- I predict not.

No you are wrong, there were always Jews who believed in reincarnation.

Since I believe that you are teaching untruth, then you must be a heretic.

But heresy is not blasphemy- where is your proof for that?

God Bless,

ddd said...

Dear Bruce,

you are presuming too much about your Scriptural knowledge. Rest assured that living in an Asian country with daily exposure to Eastern religious practices has made me less awed by the current wave of mysticism sweeping mainstream Western Christianity. And you are wrong, regardless of your protests to the contrary.

I tell you what. Since you say that the Scriptures teach reincarnation, I hereby challenge you to a written debate over the topic of 'Does the Bible teaches reincarnation?'. If you are interested, please email me at and we can arrange the format and a date to start. At the moment, I am busy on a mission trip preaching and sharing the Gospel to people in Japan, of which some believe in reincarnation, btw.

wenxian said...

Dear Daniel,

This man, i have identified as a demon man who refuses correction.

He has been totally handed over to Satan and utters false heresies in the name of the Lord.

From what is gathered, the Jews who 888 says are Jews outwardly but not inwardly (i.e. idolators). Daniel, correct me if i am wrong. I think you are referring to the teachings of Jews prevalent until the introduction of Kabbalah mysticism?

To daniel, you are NOT teaching lies. You are teaching and expounding truth. Bruce: it is you who LIE and DECEIVE and based on your assumptions of so many things.

Bruce, you are the stubborn heretic who refuses correction!

"heresy is not blasphemy"- then what is blasphemy then? I tell you the truth. That is what you are doing and have been doing.

You can believe that daniel and I are teaching untruth, but where is your proof? We are backed by the very words of God in the Bible! Of you blatantly deny our backing by saying that it is JUST a collection of books!

Daniel, be strong in the Lord and lets fight this demon together in the LORD. You have my every support.

888 said...

>Since you say that the Scriptures teach reincarnation, I hereby >challenge you to a written debate >over the topic of 'Does the Bible >teaches reincarnation?'.

I suggest that the above be part of a wider discussion.
Firstly, what are the theological arguments?
2. What is the history of the doctrine amongst Christians?

3. What were the Jewish beliefs?

4. Evidence today, that people are accurately describing their past lives.

I will be pleased to email you to arrange a debate.

Your missions would be more successful if you embraced the concept of reincarnation. Also, you could tell your audience that the Buddhas surround Our Christ. Shamballa is His land.

Did you know that Buddha is a Christian saint:


ddd said...

Hello Wenxian,

ya... I'm talking about the teachings of mainstream Judaism before the development of the medival Kabbala mysticism.

ddd said...

Hello Bruce,

Frankly speaking, I don't think your 'advice' is any good. As for the debate, it will be very simple. I will argue on the basis of Scripture alone, NOT people's suibjective experience or whatever so-called historical development of whatever doctrine in whatever religion. I will strive to prove from the Scriptures that reincarnation is heresy and thus you are blaspheming God. That's it. If I can prove that your teachings are not found in Scripture (and by that I mean the 66 canonical books in the Christian Scriptures), then your teachings are heresy and you are thus a heretic.

wenxian said...

Dear brother Daniel,

May the Lord give you wisdom and empower you in the Holy Spirit to prove the Lord correct!

Bruce, tremble reverent fear because the Lord has chosen his servants to deal with you! The Lord will have His way and no one can compare to the Lord in wisdom, let alone you!

888 said...

Hi Daniel,
I trust you are having a lovely time over in Japan, taking in all the wonderful sights there.

There is a Chinese saying: "Man who cannot smile should not open shop". This is something you friend should learn, because he is not going to win any hearts with that terrible scowl on his face.

You two should look up the meaning of heresy in the dictionary. For a start it has been used primarily by Roman Catholicism. I don't believe you are Roman Catholics, so you must be both heretics in relation to that Church.

"Heresy" comes from the Greek meaning "a choosing", a choosing of doctrines in this case. These heresies change over time. For example, the ideas of Copernicus were once a dreadful heresy.

So you see, that human beings make the wrong choices from time to time.

This is in no way blasphemy. Blasphemy is an unforgivable sin in the eyes of the godly.

You might now understand what the saying "my doxy is your heterodoxy" means.

>Frankly speaking, I don't think your >'advice' is any good.

What are your qualifications in the matter? Did you study the material in the links? If you have not studied, then you have no basis to make such pronouncments.

>If I can prove that your teachings >are not found in Scripture (and by >that I mean the 66 canonical books >in the Christian Scriptures),

I don't mind doing that. So you think those books fell down from heaven in some sort of perfect form? They had no history, they weren't altered, they weren't translated? There weren't other books that were left out?

Well you better go and study your history. The "Book of Enoch", for instance, is one of the older books that is still canonical in some churches. It is even referred to in the books you mention.

Then we also have the Apocrypha.

Of course this might upset the neat little box you have.


ddd said...

OK... that's enough,

As at this movement, the comments so far are talking about a different subject matter form the original post. Since this is the case, I have decided that all further remarks regarding the Bruce issue will be automatically deleted. I will respond to some of the erroneous allegations made by Bruce in later posts.

Since I am the blog owner, I will have the last say. Just briefly, Bruce, you exposed and made clearer your liberal humanistic views with your last post. Your idea of how the Bible came about is a prime example. Anyway, Bruce, you are welcome to email me to further our correspondence. I will be free about one week after my return from my mission trip, on the 26th June.
(FYI, we work long hours with little sleep in Japan sharing the Gospel to lost Japanese students, nevermind sightseeing)

ddd said...

Correction to last post:

It should read '... the comments so far are writing about ...'