Thursday, May 04, 2006

Update regarding the glodal day of prayer

This is an update regarding the Global Day of Prayer (hereafter GDOP) for Singapore. I have warned against and showed the errors present in the movement so far (both in the Singapore movement and that in the global movement) in my two prevous missives here and here, with the most serious being the participation of the heretic Bishop T.D. Jakes, who denies the Trinity, in this event. I have thus far entered into a correspondence with people in the GDOP Singapore movement regarding the issue.

Recently, I have received a reply from my GDOP Singapore contact who has sent an email query to the GDOP office in the USA, regarding the matter. This is what has been revealed so far about this movement:

  • It is decentralized, without any overarching governing body, thus anyone can join the movement as long as they agree with the Apostle's Creed

  • Therefore, no one can stop T.D. Jakes or any person from joining the GDOP as long as they subscribe to the Apostle's Creed

  • It is being used to bring Protestants and Roman Catholics together in prayer in Ghana.

  • Since such is the case, bearing in mind that I am only contending with GDOP Singapore and that the organizers are all orthodox Evangelical Trinitarians, I have thus suggested to them to either edit out T.D. Jakes from the movie clip or remove the clip altogether to avoid yoking with that heretic, so that the event would be reduced to just another compromising neo-Evangelical event with the remaining errors which I have shown in the last two missives, which is still serious though. Of course, it would be good if they would preach against T.D. Jakes and his heresies, but I sincerely doubt that would happen anytime soon.

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