Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thoughts on the JC Ryle article, with regards to the Global Day of Prayer

From my previous Bible study lesson using the article from the 19th century Bishop JC Ryle entitled The Church Effeminate, I have gathered quite a lot of quotable quotes which I would be able to use. I have meditated on this particular passage of Gal. 2:11-16 before reading this, and have then learned approximately the same as that covered by the late Bishop in this article of his. However, the exposition of the Galatians 2 passage has helped me to codify and deepen my thoughts and lessons learned from this very pertinent passage, especially in light of my present contention with the Glodal Day of Prayer (GDOP) Singapore committee.

First, this passage in Gal. 2:11-16 clearly shows that no ministers are infallible, and strength in numbers do not make ministers any less infallible. Any Christian, therefore, has the right and even the duty to call a minister to account for any unbiblical conduct on his part. Of course, the minister must be wrong biblically, and this means that the person who calls any minister(s) to account for their action(s) must be well-versed in the Scriptures and full of the Holy Spirit in order to make a right judgment. Therefore, in the GDOP episode, I am right in reproving the GDOP committee for their unbiblical conduct.

Secondly, as Bishop JC Ryle has rightly pointed out, 'unity without the Gospel is a worthless unity; it is the very unity of hell'. The GDOP committee in Singapore, and also throughout the world, has placed an undue emphasis in the expression of visible unity in the visible Body of Christ, forgetting that unity is not the be all and end all of the Christian faith. By blatent compromise with the United Pentecostal heretics like Bishop TD Jakes who deny the Trinity, they are showing forth that the unity that they are working for is the 'very unity of hell'! If they are not happy with the words, they are most welcome to take the issue up with Bishop JC Ryle when they see him in heaven, assuming that they will not apostasize in the future, of course.

Which brings us to our third point, the GDOP committes of the world have shown themselves to be effeminate to the point whereby they are not willing to stand firm for the Gospel. As revealed in a letter from the Executive Director of the GDOP in North America Dr. Robert Bakke, this desire for the unity of hell have caused at least some Christians in Ghana to jettison the Gospel altogether — well at least the most important part of it — as the apostate Roman Catholics are welcomed to pray together with their Protestants counterparts in the GDOP event in Ghana. Never mind that these Romanists may be praying to Mary or the dead 'Saints', or that they believe in a false Gospel and a false Christ and thus are under the very anathema of Christ (Gal. 1:8). Oh well, at least they are being consistent. How can they not embrace these heretics when they have already embrace a worser heretic in Bshop TD Jakes, who as a Sabellian is also condemmed by the Roman Catholic church?

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