Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Da Vinci disgrace

Here is an article which describes in part my feelings towards the Da Vinci blasphemy and the attitude of the world's governments towards it. Three words for these world governments like the US government, including my own: You are Hypocrites! Liars! Wimps! So much for respecting religious sensibilities. You will answer to God for your despicable behavior during this preiod, by allowing the DVC movie to be shown in your land. You will be judged by your own law and found wanting, never mind God's Law.


wenxian said...

helloz bro,

I am in agreement with you on this. The rest of the religions belong to the world and of course they accept it.

But we are not of the world and hence the most of hypocrisy shown against us is a lot more. People just can't stand the truth and rather be wrong and feel good about it.

Our government is approaching the height of its wickness soon.

livebygrace said...

We are called to be "Salt and Light" as believers in Christ. However we should not be offensive.

More grace...more humility.... more prayers...more love... is needed

Change the World by our conduct...not by mere words and baggering of the permissiveness in this world.

We cannot insist on a RIGHT THEOLOGY without A RIGHT BEHAVIOUR
My brother. Let Christ's divine love mellow you and melt your heart - to love the sinner even though you hate the sins.

Love one to another- John 13:34,35

ddd said...

Hello livebygrace,

I have responded to your comment in another post (done on the 24th May 2006)

wenxian said...

Mr Livebygrace,

You have misquoted gravely. Look at the context of the passage before using it.

John 13:34,35 is a command for believers to love believers. The world is not a believer so this quote does not stand.

To a well hearing man, we speak softly. But to a almost deaf man we shout. Just as Ezekiel did his overly obvious signs to an insensitive idolatrous unbelieving generation, Daniel here in his blog has to take a stronger tone to actually register in the spiritually deaf unbelievers.

We cannot change the world by OUR conduct, [although by biblical conduct we bring glory to God]. God changes the world -period. He may use good and bad conduct alike of any man as no man can thwart God. What we can be sure will happen nonetheless is that all things work for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28), a verse specific to God's elect.

Daniel is moved by the Spirit to expose what the people/ governments/ etc truly are. You assume Daniel does prays too little. You assume that Daniel gives little grace, you assume that Daniel need follow your model, of which the basis of it is already questionable.

Please rebuke correctly using the correct contextual verses. Satan misquotes and hence no man acting in God's name should do it either.

The Hedonese said...

imho, responding with anger may not do us a lot of good here. Bcos the govt is not explicitly Christian or theistic to begin with... lets take our chances and engage the marketplace of ideas by setting the record straight :)

ddd said...

Hello Dave aka the Hedonese,

There is such a thing as righteous anger (Eph. 4:26), which Jesus and the apostles do experience and 'vent'. Being angry in that way is not about whether there is a pragmatic benefit in showing it but in whether it is right in the eyes of God to do so. In fact, just the opposite result often occurs when righteous anger is expressed. For example, Jesus vented his righteous anger on the money changers in the temple courts, and I am sure it did not yield any benefits in His relationships with the people, definitely not with the money changers anyway. Seems like Jesus was not at all concerned about whether His actions would yield any benefit at all. :P

God bless,
Daniel Chew.