Monday, June 05, 2006

Belated greetings from Tokyo, Japan

OK, I know that's it has been almost 1½ weeks ago since I left for my mission trip to Tokyo, but I have been too busy in outreach and ministry to do anything else. My team is split into two smaller teams; one to Tsuda women's College and the other to Hitosubashi University, which I am in. We basically go in there to make friends and invite them for our activities like lunch gatherings and home parties on certain evenings, as well as random evangelism held mainly in the afternoon. As we do not speak Japanese — as least I do not and have only learn some basic simple phrases before I go — it was rather hard to communicate with them. This is because many Japanese do not speak English well, as they mainly learn how to read and write but not to speak English.

Anyway, regardless, God is faithful and we have been able to share the Gospel with a number of students, with our home parties being well attended. Even though I am not the very sociable type, God has given me the opporunity to share His Gospel with others and make a few acquitances. In this coming week and the next, I would be focusing more on these people and hopefully able to have a deeper friendship with them, and especially have opportunities to share the Gospel. May God grant us the strength to carry on and use us to bring His elect among the Japanese students unto salvation.


vincit omnia veritas said...

Dear Daniel, This is the mature thing to do, and I agree with your decision. Keep up the good work. Vincent

ddd said...

Hello Vincent,

eh... may I know what action and decision was it? Posting on the wrong thread?

God bless,
Daniel Chew.