Thursday, July 11, 2019

Against politicking from the American political left

On the Atlantic, there was a political hit piece attacking "white Evangelicals"" for voting Trump. According to the author, voting for Trump is a "crisis" for "Evangelical Christianity." Now, normally, I prefer not to talk about politics, but this kind of hit piece has a political agenda that wants to bind Christians in a certain way, and thus I will like to say a few things about it:

  1. Few people, myself included, believe that Trump is a moral person. (Not including the crazy Trumpites here)
  2. The question is: The article is asserting that electing Trump compromises the Christian's moral witness.
  3. The counter question is: Does electing Democrats compromise the Christian's moral witness? I will assert that to be the case.
  4. Since Trump became president, we have seen many articles all attacking "White Evangelicals" for electing Trump.
  5. We have seen few articles attacking "Black Evangelicals" or any other group for that matter, for electing Obama, who was not a moral person either.
  6. When someone in the church votes Democrat, we were told that we cannot judge the person because (i) spirituality of the church, (ii) freedom of conscience, (iii) perhaps they are voting for a local official, (iv) some Democrat ideals are biblical.
  7. In other words, despite the Democrats being such a wicked party, we are told that Christians for whatever reason can vote Democrat, and we are to accept that.
  8. However, articles like these claim that voting Trump and voting Republican compromises the Christian's witness. In other words, voting Trump = evil
  9. Therefore, why the hypocrisy in stating that voting Trump compromise the Christian's witness while we are told to tolerate voting Democrat?
  10. It is not true that Democrats do not claim to maintain the moral high ground.
  11. See the Democrats when they assert they are for the poor (they are not; they just claim they are to get the poor vote). See the Democrats when they assert they care for immigrants (only if they are illegal and can be used as political agitprop; then just let them in and not care about them after they enter the country, and use their poverty to blame Republicans for their plight)
  12. Democrats claim to be for lots of moral causes, and they reframe LGBT issues as issues of "justice." So they ARE claiming the moral high ground.
  13. Thus, in conclusion, this article is a political hack piece that is biased and hypocritical.
  14. If voting for Trump compromises the Christian's witness, then so does voting Democrat. Are they going to start attacking Christians who vote Democrat with the same fire and vehemence with which they attack Christians who vote Trump?

If you believe that politics is not to be done from the pulpit, then all pastors cannot be promoting this political hit-piece. You cannot attack "right-wing" Christians for doing politics while at the same time you are playing at left-wing politics, period!

[P.S.: If you are aggrieved that Christians do vote for morally flawed parties and politicians, it only proves that you are one of those Americans who think the world revolves around them! Christians in many countries around the world can and do vote [rightly or wrongly] for all manner of wicked people!]


David said...

Thank you for your post. It was very helpful and I believe contains a lot of truth.

Daniel C said...

Hi David,

you're welcome