Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Discipleship in the Charismatic Shepherding Movement

The movement held high expectations for participation and involvement. Members were expected to verbally commit themselves, to tithe their income, be fully involved in all aspects of church life, and submit all areas of their personal lives to their shepherd's counsel. Members were confronted by their shepherd if they failed to live up to their commitments.

[S. David Moore, The Shepherding Movement: Controversy and Charismatic Ecclesiology (New York, NY: T&T Clark, 2003), 78]

I believe Scripture knows of no such power given to any man, church or denomination.


hanguoxiong said...

Dear Daniel,

I lived through that for six years of my life, in a church which belongs to the Charismatic Shepherding Movement. By the providence of God, I was eventually led out of it and I am now in a Bible Presbyterian Church. In the end, the "shepherding movement", at its very core, seeks to unseat Christ as Lord, and place men as Lord and deities over the lives of vulnerable sheep in every aspect of their live, even over areas where Scripture is silent. It destroys the conscience and liberty of Christian men and women. My prayer is that brothers and sisters in those movement would come to a realisation of the truth and separate themselves from such idolatry of men (and from those aberrant church groups).


PuritanReformed said...


well, it's more complicated than that, but yea