Friday, February 18, 2011

The line in the sand: Schwärmer versus Reformed

While this guy's theology is a sure mess, I applaud his willingness to take a stand for his beliefs however wrong they are. At least he does not buy into the ecumenical nonsense and can see that the "full Gospel" religion he believes is another faith altogether from the historic Protestant Evangelical Christian faith.

Recently I made a very hard important decision concerning Facebook. I felt like a few people on my friends list were posting and promoting things, that I feel are a threat to my personal faith walk, and a threat to the effectiveness of the Body of Christ period. If you do not know by now, I am not a Calvinist, and I do not agree with the doctrines of Calvinism and reformed theology (mainly the TULIP). I’m simply a FULL GOSPEL, bible believing CHRISTIAN! So to get straight to the point, I had to delete a few fokes [sic] from my friends list (and I’ll probably be deleting more if I feel that I need to).

What made the decision so hard for me is that a few of these people I know personally and I truly love ‘em, But I have to guard my heart, and I have to contend for The Faith that was once delivered. Some of the fokes [sic] that got deleted actually called me their mentor at one time…before they went to a faithless seminary, or before they got a heart full of some faithless music. Some of the people that got deleted are popular Christian rap artists, but regardless of the genre title, Truth is Truth, and error is error.

I’ve seen these doctrines shipwreck the lives of believers who were once “on fire.” When I say fire, I’m not talking about zeal or passion, I’m talking about “Holy Ghost Fire!”…PENTECOST (yeah, I believe that Holy Ghost baptism, tongues, signs, miracles, and wonders are for today, and are ESSENTIAL to what God wills to do IN and THROUGH The Body of Christ TODAY).


If only the line was that clear cut, such that everyone can see that the two are totally different religions altogether. A person who is "full Gospel" will be seen to be no more Christian than Thomas Müntzer and the Zwickau Prophets, and nobody will think that one can be a member in both camps. To paraphrase Luther, such people are not to be trusted [in spiritual matters] even if they have swallowed the Holy Spirit "feathers and all".

When the churches functions like the Church, then her witness will be strong and certain. There will be no confusion as to what the Church believes, and we wouldn't have the current situation of professing believers attacking other professing believers for heresy, and thus give an image of internal strife within the Church. For if the churches do their work, those who are heretics will be kicked out of the churches, and there will be unity in the Gospel within the churches. The most we will have are believers attacking false churches, which is what the Apostles did anyway.

May the spirit of unbiblical ecumenism die a thousand deaths. May it never be resurrected. O Lord, come.

[HT: Michael Acidri]

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