Monday, January 31, 2011

Homo-bigots set to drive Christians destitute

If one wants to know the depths of bigotry and depravity the homosexuals are capable of, look at this case in the United Kingdom.

Christian hotel owner Hazelmary Bull has certainly had her faith tested to the limit this week. ... In a landmark ruling, which will have far-reaching implications for many Christians in Britain, Judge Rutherford ordered the Bulls to pay civil partners Martyn Hall, 46, and Steven Preddy, 38, £1,800 each in compensation for refusing to allow the couple to stay in a double room at their hotel.

The gay couple, IT workers from Bristol, sued the Bulls for £5,000 in damages under the Equality Act (Sexuality Orientation) Regulations 2007, after they were turned away from seven-bedroom Chymorvah House, near Penzance, in September 2008.

The Bulls argued that, as devout Christians, they let their double rooms only to heterosexual married couples and that their beliefs prevented them from allowing same-sex couples to share a double bed - although gay couples could stay in single or twin rooms.

This week, however, the judge ruled that the Bulls’ actions amounted to direct discrimination, on the grounds of sexual orientation, as there was ‘no material difference between marriage and civil partnership’.

Their lives are now in turmoil. Hazelmary is adamant that she and Peter will not compromise their religious beliefs, despite the court ruling. As a result, they have two options - face prosecution again by refusing to book double rooms to gay civil partners, or close the business.

And if they close the business, which is already in debt, then they can’t afford to stay in their home.


Last I heard, if homosexuals were to do their perverse sexual acts at home or even in hotels, nobody would do anything to them. Yet we can see here the hatred and bigotry the homosexuals have against any who do not want to take part in their perverse lifestyle.

It is not enough to "tolerate" the sodomites. No, what these bigots want is that everyone must join them in celebrating their perversion. If you refuse to celebrate their perversion, they will sue to force you to do so.

If that doesn't sound like fascism, nothing is. And that is why we must not give even an inch to the homosexual agenda. These people will not settle for anything less than domination over society. If any of them claim to be working for freedom and toleration, that is a lie. Their only interest in to promote intolerance of any who do not celebrate homosexuality, in the name of "tolerance" of course.

Do pray for the Bulls as they face persecution for their faith.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for the Bulls and I believe that you are spot on concerning the fact that homosexuals promote intolerance, and I dare say destruction (financially, etc, for all who do not support their lifestyle. May the Lord come quickly and gather His elect...I'm looking forward to that city where no sin dwells and everyone knows the Lord.

PuritanReformed said...


Amen, sis.