Monday, January 17, 2011

Christianity and Liberalism Revisited conference audio

The audios for the recently concluded Christianity and Liberalism Revisited conference are now out, as follows:

Christianity and Liberalism Today by Micheal S. Horton

The Prennial Machen by Darryl G. Hart

Machen and the Bible by Joel E. Kim

Machen and the Gospel by John V. Fesko

Machen and Ethics by David VanDrunen

Machen, Christianity, and the Church by W. Robert Godfrey



Beng said...

Very interesting that Machen should suddenly appear on my radar.

Prior to reading "Why we're not emergent" I had never heard of Machen, but he is quoted liberally (excuse the pun) throughout that book. I had already intended to get some Machen books to read when I see this entire series dedicated to his book. I definitely must now after listening to these sermons.

Horton and John Fesko were very engaging. I found Darryl Hard and Joel Kim difficult to follow. Now listening to David Van Drunen.

Thanks for posting!

Daniel C said...


you're welcome. Haha, you can can my summary if you find them hard to follow =P I agree that Darryl Hart is more ofa historian with his own lingo and Prof Kim ummm... speaks differently.

SATheologies said...

Wa wa wa... Thanks for highlighting this the recordings of this conference!

Daniel C said...

@Josh Woo:

you're welcome