Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Chris Rosebrough's analysis of Warren's sermon at DG2010

Chris Rosebrough has recently analyzed Rick Warren's DG2010 conference message on his Fighting for the Faith podcast. Hearing Warren's sermon myself and not just reading the notes, I am astonished how unorthodox it is, to say the least; it was worse than I thought from reading the notes. Warren's message is truly Christless Christian Moral Therapeutic Deism as its "best". Half truths and twisting of Scripture are ubiquitous throughout the message, showing Warren's seeming inability NOT to twist Scripture.

It is indeed sad to see the New Calvinists vigorously defending John Piper and now Rick Warren. It seems to me that a significant portion of the New Calvinist movement is engaging in hero worship of the prominent leaders within the movement, and whatever these leaders do and say are always correct. Ironically, the theme of the DG2010 conference is "Think", but it seems that the New Calvinists just checked in their brains when it comes to the actions and teachings of their leaders.

One of the prominent New Calvinists, Ed Stetzer, had tweeted:

Disappointed to see the trolls out during the @RickWarren #DGNC message. Get a new "ministry." #TiredOfAngryCalvinists (Source)

It seems to me that a significant proportion of the New Calvinist movement have taken on the characteristics of the world in her rebellion against God. The [political] Liberals tend to label those who disagree with them on issues such as "homosexual marriage" as "bigots". Similarly, it seems that a lot of Christians are ready to slap labels and infer motives of those who disagree with them on whatever topic. So those who are against Warren and Piper's invitation to Warren are judged to be "haters", "trolls" and "fundamentalists" ad infinitum ad nauseum.

If there is one time Mt. 7:1 really does have a proper application instead of being normally misquoted, it is here. It is simply astonishing to me how the motives of those who disagree with Warren, and Piper and the New Calvinists, have been inferred and attacked. One wonders what basis are such ad-hominem attacks based upon. Where are the biblical counter-arguments disputing our disagreements with Warren or Piper's invitation to Warren? If there is (besides Richard Abanes' terrible booklet which I have refuted in my book), I have yet to see any of them.

I will wait for the New Calvinist biblical counter-arguments to defend such blatant compromise, but I am not holding my breath for that to happen. If personal experience is anything to go by, the demand for biblical counter argumentation will be ignored together with our warnings, and the New Calvinists will continue their "ministries" while moving along the downgrade.

After all, wasn't it said that "The road to hell is marked with good intentions"? Experience, intuition and motives are never reliable indicators of truth and faithfulness to God's Word, and this applies to those of the New Calvinists too.


Anonymous said...

"Trolls"? The new Calvinists seem to have some sort of idol they are worshipping and defending, which is an utter shame since Calvinism is 'all about' the glory of God. It seems like they would rather be "liked" and "likable" than actually defending and proclaiming sound biblical doctrine that is gospel centered and Christ focused. This sort of thing makes me wonder about all the other Calvinists I go to church with regarding their true allegiances...
I have been in a spiritual pit for several years and teaching like Warren's would be of no use to a Christian since Pelagian doctrine points you away from Christ and to oneself and efforts. If I am a troll for being concerned about other Christians and their spiritual growth and point out teaching that is detrimental to that, then so be it.

PuritanReformed said...

@Committed Christian:

indeed, it is sad that it is so. One of Warren's latest tweet (which I will blog about) is just terrible. I don't know whether the New Calvinists will or have already gone there.

Anonymous said...

I'll be looking for that tweet.

Michael Adams said...

Looks like Satan has completed another wide foot bridge leading to the wide pat.

PuritanReformed said...



Denise said...

Well said Daniel. It appears that many are making an idol out of a man and in cult-like fashion, throw pot-shots at the critics to dismiss the due criticism of Piper and Warren. I think the problem isn't so much Warren, for he is what he's always been, a wolf, but the danger is with Piper who consistantly has promoted men who teach a false gospel and then defiantly defends them. Such a man is exactly why false teachers can "secrety sneak in among you". By his popularity and facade of being "sound" and/or "reformed" he has put the stamp of approval on unbibical teachers so now his fans approve of them also. Its cancerous. We're living out the Downgrade Contraversy 2.0.

PuritanReformed said...



Ken Silva said...

And this only reinforces what you and Rosebrough are talking

PuritanReformed said...


urgh... the video of the false prophetess you have embedded is demonic.