Sunday, April 18, 2010

Huaizhi's Easter sermon

Yes, I know Easter is sometime back, but anyway Easter is merely a remembrance of the event of Christ's resurrection; there is nothing really special about that date. Anyway, here is my friend Huaizhi's sermon on Easter Sunday on the significance of the Resurrection. It was remarked in teasing that he sounded a bit like Paul Washer at a certain part of his sermon — you be the judge.

My only quibble is that he should have just name the heretical archbishop, who said that it matters little whether the resurrection was disproven because Jesus had risen in his heart, and mentioned it was the Anglican Archbishop of Perth. The Apostle Paul and even the "Apostle of love" John name names (cf 2 Tim. 4:10, 2 Tim. 2:17, 3 Jn. 9) so naming heretics is a biblical given.


Anonymous said...


To give credit where it's due, Huai Zhi got that story from Carson, who didn't name the archbishop either. So, it's not a case of not naming.. rather a case of not knowing. Of course, he could have checked up.. but maybe that's not the point.


PuritanReformed said...

Hi Edward,

I see. Well, in his notes he wrote down "Anglican Archbishop of Perth" =P

PuritanReformed said...

So yea, I thought Huaizhi knew who it was.