Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Panel on the Emerging Church

In this rather long video (88' 20"), Pastor Kevin DeYoung, Emergent Tony Jones, Scot McKnight and the Harris twins participated in a panel held about two weeks ago at the Christian Book Expo in Dallas to discuss the Emerging Church Movement:

My two cents take:

Kevin DeYoung was excellent, although I can emphatize with his frustration with the two representatives of the Emergen* Church Movement. Check out his blog here btw.

Tony Jones: If what he asserts of his theological knowledge is correct, they remain merely cognitio, sans assentio and fiducia. In point of fact, it is revealing that the idea of the perspicuity of Scripture is new to him despite his pompous pronouncement of familiarity with Church history.

Scot McKnight: I wonder if there is anyone he cannot tolerate besides Christians who believe in and practice Jude 1:3 in any form.

The Harris twins: Good questions asked. It is hoped that they would mature in the faith and learn that subterfuge is a very good strategy used by the enemy and his soldiers.

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