Sunday, August 03, 2008

Short notes on DA Carson's talk

I have been feeling quite distracted recently, so I will just leave links to the notes from a sister-in-Christ Denise on DA Carson's evening talks for now. Please do note that the extra thoughts in those notes do not necessarily reflect what I believe.

1. 29 July (Tuesday) Rage, Rage, Against the Church (Revelation 12:1-13:1)

In apocalyptic language, John tells us what we learn elsewhere in the New Testament: the Christian's most fundamental enemies are not other people, but the powers of darkness. How then shall we cope and triumph?

UNCONFUSING - Detailed Notes Night 1

2. 30 July (Wednesday) Antichrist and False Prophet(Revelation 13:1-18)

Some Christians around the world face brutal opposition and outright persecution; other Christians around the world are in danger of being seduced by false teaching and transient glitter. The dangers are different, yet they are one. How are we to respond?

UNCONFUSING - Detailed Notes Night 2

3. 31 July (Thursday) Trajectories(Revelation 14)

There is a perennial danger of thinking that Christian life and thought pertain primarily to this world. But the whole of the New Testament is against this reductionism: there is a heaven to be gained and a hell to be shunned. These opposed trajectories mean that everything in this life has far more significance than we sometimes think.

UNCONFUSING - Detailed Notes Night 3

Check out also my friend Huaizhi's blog here where he has done some aggregation of the various reflections on all of the Carson's talks in Singapore. As an aside, it has been nice meeting Ken Mattson and Huaizhi (and his wife Cindy) as well as others during the course of these three days.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it was great meeting you also and may it not be the last time! We should start an "Inklings" club in the future and meet somewhere for dinner and discussion.

Daniel C said...


yup. We would need to think of something along these lines soon.... haha.