Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, I have managed to catalogued most of the books that I have, except about 10+ which I have not read yet or are on loan to various friends. You can see the books that I have here. As it can be seen, there are various not exactly orthodox or even heretical books there (and I am not talking about Rick Warren, Geisler's Chosen But Free skubalon or even Pinnock's The Openness of God), like Benny Hinn's Good morning, Holy Spirit and Oneness Pentecostal background Tommy Tenney's The God Catchers, not to mention Reinhard Bonke's Evangelism by Fire. These are the type of books I was reading when I was a young Christian without any type of guidance from my church politicians "leaders" then. So what does a young Christian hungry for food do when he is not fed? Go to the "Christian" bookstores and feed your mind with so-much junk which all conspire to destroy my faith that is. If not for God's mercy, my faith would probably be shipwrecked thanks to the nonsense promoted by these false teachers.


Beng said...

You know, Paul Washer states that there is an underground reformation going on - people yearning for and finding truth - not new truths, but old truths.

I believe he's referring to the rising interest in and rediscovery of reformed, puritan and 18/19th century writers.

The best thing is that these works are being made available freely on the internet (the internet, of course, only exists because it serves a purpose in God's grand scheme of things).

My own early library has stuff like John White, Richard Foster, John Powell, CS Lewis and Tim La'Haye. What I'm learning nowadays about these writers and their concepts horrfies me. But then again, you see, nobody's gonna snatch me out of His hand...

Daniel C said...


Yup, there is sortof an underground reformation underway, but I doubt it is exactly the 'new Calvinist resurgence'. It's going to be messy though.

Anonymous said...

Goodie! Now I know which books you have and which I can borrow. :-P

vincit omnia veritas said...


I borrowed most of his books already ... I do not have enough newspapers for my dogs, so his books came in handy. :P

Problem is, hardcovers are more difficult to take apart ... so soft covers preferred.

Daniel C said...


Hmm.... you probably need to book in advance haha.... plus got book limit too... =P


ROFL!..... I thought you have 1400+ books to use .... =)

fivetwosix said...


Ok, I've read a couple of the books mentioned in this post, well... I'm not big fans of any and have my reservation on certain books too (say, yay) and haven't bought any of their titles after the first.

I'm semisorta relieved that the authors that I do am a "fan" of haven't been blacklisted by you...yet? Ha ha ha, kidding kidding. :) I love Christian literature and next time, you can go Christian literature shopping with me! ;)

Hope you are well! xxox

Anonymous said...


Don't you know this policy of returning them to Daniel so I can get my hands on them books? Sorry, I can't care less that you have insufficient newspapers; yea, I have that much love! :-P

Wha... ?! Book in advance? Whatever happened to feeding the hungry?

Daniel C said...

Jan dear:

8-) I don't mind being called by name; y'know... In fact, I prefer it... hahaha


well, last I know, books were not food, and you have your Bible... haha. Imagine if everybody wants to borrow the same book...

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, this library is worse than the NLB! :-P

Aiyah, sow into my ministry then I can get them. You will receive many times in returns (don't ask how, you'll just do).

Daniel C said...


well, NLB can easily keep track, plus they can always fine people if they don't return books. And I think the fine can be more than the price of the book ( ?)

Anonymous said...

Not too sure about that... I'm seldom at the library nowadays; they just don't have the books I'm really interested in, unless it's a book that I have to read for professional reasons.