Monday, July 14, 2008

Article: A Little bit of Comfort for Machen's warrior children

Here is an interesting article by Carl Trueman with regards to the YRR (Yound, Restless and Reformed) movement. The concerns listed are very interesting, and would surely serve much food for thought.

These, point to the dilemmas which the new Reformed movement must face: how much is this movement about genuine belief and how much is social belonging? And for its leadership: how much is about genuine mission, and how much is about self-promotion and self-perpetuation?


Thus, one test as to whether the new Reformed revival is really a movement of substance and not simply a disparate collection of personality cults is to see whether the church is being built up and strengthened. ... Yet [the existance of] those [people] who can hear and believe all the wonderful teaching and still return to an Adventist church as a mission field give the rest of us some pause for thought

[HT: The Art of Theology — comment]

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