Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thanks to Sicarii (Isaiah) for being so kind as to award to me this Prudent Power award (Do read the rules). I really appreciate it. In turn, I would like to award it to:

I guess that's about all for now. Work has been busy and I do have other commitments, as well as continuing my reading of theological and other good Christian books. (No reading, nothing to write, stunted Christian growth, simple as that). I also have rather stringent criteria and therefore only 5 blogs are chosen. If you think your blog would make the grade, do let me know and perhaps I will fill up the remaining 2 slots with them.

Anyway, here are my criteria:

  • No promotion of heresy or unorthodoxy in any form
  • Posts in general must have substantial 'nutrition' in them
  • Blogger must have shown willingness to contend for the faith, and have done so at least once
  • True Christian love must be exhibited, as opposed to the extremes of harshness and of effeminate 'love'


vincit omnia veritas said...

Gee ... thanks bro. I am still recovering from the freezing Beijing air. I need time to catch up with your posts.

I visited a tiny (underground) house church while I was there. I was truly encouraged by their willingness to evangelize and preach the Word despite governmental oppression.

I see the same spirit in your writings, and I pray that we will both be able to stand for His Truth alone.

Thanks again. Will catch up with you soon.

ddd said...


you're welcome.