Sunday, November 25, 2007

Articles: Christian leaders invite Muslims to love God, neighbors together

Read this article for yourself. Isn't it strange that two groups can be said to worship the same God when one group denies that Jesus is God? Go figure... Oh, and Rick Warren signed this document, as well as Leith Anderson of the National Association of Evanjellyfishes Evangelicals. Second Reformation and revival? More likely the Great apostasy!

[HT: Slice of Laodicia]


Munchy said...

john stott also signed ?! author of basic christianity ?!

ddd said...

Unfortunately yes. Lots of evangelical leaders have no spine, it seems, even though they know it is wrong.

Munchy said...

im not surprised by some of the usual culprits

but i thought stott was a gd guy, i hope it is because he was senile or mislead into it or something

ddd said...

Stott is good. Unfortunately, he is no JC Ryle. Something about being Anglican seems to blind someone from being discerning as long as the person who promotes (whatever you put inside) is a Christian, it seems. (JI Packer is another orthodox person who has compromised before, and he is an Anglican too)