Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Deeds not Creeds challenge for Warren fans...

Let's see how the Warren fans will handle this challenge... Are JW (Jehovah Witnesses) to be considered Christians by Warrenites now? Note the condition Warrenites are to adhere to in order to properly answer the question.


ricki said...

You need to read some better material my friend. Where do you find Rick Warren supporting JW's? That is what this group is accusing him of and like so many bloggers/writers, they fail to provide real evidence.

Your blog seems to propagate this kind of stuff without supplying data.

For example, I followed the TeamPyro posters and found most of them referenced articles that the posters did not accurately portray, these are just cheap attempts, as with A Little Leaven to tear down others.

I encourage you to look a little harder for the truth behind these things.

Daniel C said...

Huh? Did I say Rick Warren support JWs? Did A Little Leaven say so either? Where you get the idea that anyone is ever accusing Warren of doing so is beyond me.

What we are saying is that Rick Warren and his followers would not be able to refute the charge of JWs being Christians because of Warren's obsession over deeds and denigration of creeds, without being inconsistent (ie they are not supposed to use theological argumentation to prove that JWs are not Christians, as they are supposed to be about 'deeds not creeds')

Now, you were saying something about misrepresentation somewhere...?

ricki said...

Sorry - I misunderstood you in that I took what was said beyond what was intended.

So let's focus on what you and ALL actually said. "JW's are now claiming just like every other PD, SSC..."

Seems you have grouped them pretty closely together and the title of the piece is asking if JW's are now Christians.

The implication here is that Warren and his gang may think so - which they don't. And then you say, well they would have trouble arguing against such - what is your evidence for that. You misunderstand what they teach and claim it is the same as JW's.

Can you show that?

Daniel C said...

Hello Rick,

I disagree with you that there is an implication that Warren and co. may think that JWs are Christian. What we are trying to say is that they have no consistent basis for them to say that JWs are not Christians, since they denigrate doctrine and elevate deeds. Also, I do not claim that JWs and Warren teach the same thing. ALL and me are claiming, by lumping them together, that they are now using the same gimmicks of 'marketing Jesus', so they look similar in their deeds. In other words, what we are saying is that JWs have now become similar to PDs, SSs etc in their deeds, so if you denigrate creeds and elevate deeds, you have no consistent basis to refute their claim to being Christian, that's all.