Thursday, September 13, 2007

Article: How Pietism deceives Christians

Here is an excellent article from Pst Bob DeWaay on how Pietism, and especially the beliefs which involve any type of second blessing or special grace confered to people who seek God more and receive it, is wrong. Although we do take part in our sanctification, our walk with God is by grace alone from the beginning to the end, and thus there is no such thing as a super Christian or growth coming through some kind of second blessing or second baptism (of the Holy Spirit), which would create a elite or higher class of super-Christians. Such is the error into which many sincere Christians have sadly fallen into, as they desire to grow in Christ WITHOUT going to or abiding to the Scriptures to see how that is to be done, thus creating unnecessary heartache and disillusionment.

I wouldn't want to name groups and people who teach this error currently for this post, but suffice it is to say now that such teachers will pay a high price to God for the lives they have wrecked and stunted, no thanks to their errant and even sometimes heretical teachings. Only God knows the lives that are destroyed by so-called pastors, 'prophets' and 'apostles' who preach their false doctrines, bringing many people under the same bondage they are under. May God have mercy on His people who may be trapped in such circles.

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