Thursday, March 01, 2007

Book: Driven Away by Purpose (2nd Ed.) .. It's official.

Here is the book information webpage for my book. The price of my book , if bought in Singapore, is now fixed at SG$14 until 18th March 2007 — 2359, upon which it will revert back to the normal price of SG$16.90. Do pass the information to those who need it, and (for those in Singapore) get your copy fast!


jc lee said...

So... what is it that you are exactly saying about Rick Warren's book?

jc lee said...

So... What is it that you are saying about Rick Warren's book?

ddd said...


I have posted some excerpts from my book on the blog recently. Perhaps you can look at them first? Alternatively, you can get the book. Being in the US, I'm sure it is easier to get the book, as well as having a book with better quality paper; the reason why I can sell cheaper than Amazon is because I have a few copies printed in Singapore on lower grade paper.