Saturday, March 03, 2007

Article: Tony Campolo - The Marxist delusion

Here is an interesting article on emergent 'teacher' Tony Campolo and his Marxist worldview. And here are some pertinent points that I agree with:

Campolo conveniently forgets to mention, or else does not know for himself, that the baggage ... to carry ... in bringing about the Kingdom [of God] is simply a plethora of failed radical ideas and agendas that make impossible any and every effort to establish that Kingdom-- unless, of course, the Kingdom of God is a socialistic "paradise" something on the order of a Stalinist farming collective or Moscow under Brezhnev. Those horrors, and not Campolo's airy utopian dreams, are what his ideas repeatedly yield, and to where they inevitably lead.

Campolo reveals his leftism when he openly advocates “liberation theology” (265). But liberation theology has been the gateway constructed by leftwing theologians ... to bring Christians straight into the Marxist socialist revolution, as if Marx or Marxists really cared about the poor and oppressed, or ever succeeded in elevating them from poverty.

In point of fact, of course, the Marxists, their leftwing theologians, their apologists, and their socialist hangers-on created more poor and more oppressed than the world has ever witnessed throughout its entire existence. (This is not to mention that communism oppressed and persecuted Christians by the millions!)

Wallis [a Marxist leftist] actually referred to those seeking to escape from the ravages of communist Vietnam after the war as persons bent on feeding “their consumer habits in other lands.” Wallis’ response to the Cambodian Communists’ slaughter of two million men, women, and children was to deny the bloodbath. Compassion for the poor and oppressed brought on by communism does not enter into the leftist playbook. Leftists have compassion for the poor and oppressed only when they can, however implausibly, blame capitalist America.

With the 'Emerging church' apostasy bringing people to the extreme left, it seems that more and more people who call themselves Christians would sadly imbibe on such nonsense. Communism/Socialism is a failed philosophy which destroys and continues to destroy nations (I predict Europe would be the next casualty). Their so-called 'compassions for the poor' is a farce. Just ask any leftist activist how much of their own money they actually give to help the poor! I personally know of an acquitance who has gone around the world visiting people in the poor 3rd world countries and take part in demonstrations 'in support against the oppression' of the poor, yet he lives in luxury (and has money to tour the globe visiting the poor, and studies overseas). Judging by the lifestyles of such people, pardon me if I do not buy the leftist 'helping the poor' line. Hypocrites!

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