Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Approaches regarding the Da Vinci Code

With the blasphemous Da Vinci Code movie coming up soon, there seems to be a controversy (as usual) regarding the approach to take with regards to the movie. Some Christian apologists like Josh McDowell are asking believers to use this as an evangelism opportunity and even recommanding that Christians see the movie and read the book, while others like Paul Proctor don't agree that dialoguing the Da Vinci Code is a good idea.

For the record, I think that using the Da Vinci Code as an oportunity to share Christ is definitely justifiable and in fact commanded of us. 1 Peter 3:15 commands us to always be ready to give a reason for the hope that we Christians have. However, having said that, I DO not endorse any and every method that seeks justification using this verse, but I digress. With regards to the Da Vinci Code blasphemy, we should present a positive proclaimation of the truth of the deity of Christ and the inerrancy and infallibility, and authority, or Scripture, while 'deconstructing' the pathathic lies Dan Brown and company have spun. With regards to Josh McDowell's advice, I agree that we Christians should use the Da Vinci Code as an evangelistic oportunity. However, I TOTALLY disagree with his recommandation that we should read the book or worse, watch the movie. Why should we contribute to Dan Brown's fortune? Furthermore, are we trying to participate in the hegelian dialetic which the world wants us to? I agree with Paul Proctor that this movie is NOT going to make unregenerate men regenerate, nor is it going to make true believers non-Christians, since for the latter God is the one who preserve His elect (Jn. 6:37) and for the former, it is only by the Spirit of God working though the hearing of the Word of God that creates faith in the individual (Rom. 10:17). Therefore, our apologetic is only to positvely proclaim the truth of Christ and using the interest created by the movie as a stepping stone for the proclaimation of the Gospel; nothing more, nothing less, and definitely not expecting some revival due to our having 'related' to the people with this movie.

Anyway, I am going to boycott the movie. As for the book, I would rather borrow it if needed to. However, since many peple have read it and critiqued it, like that done by Dr. James R. White referenced below, I think I do not need to read it, and the critique done by Dr. White should more than suffice.

Link: Da Vinci Code resource

Addenum: One good thing which I think God will use this blasphemous book and movie to do is to remove some of the weeds growing in the Lord's harvest field. For that, I am thankful. (No) thanks to the arch-heretic Charles Finney for introducing easy-believism and the heresy of decisional regeneration which plagued modern evangelical churches, and definitely no thanks to people like Bill Hybels with his seeker-sensitivity model or Rick Warren with his Purpose Driven® model who are destroying churches from the inside out.

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naniecheng said...

I tried reading the book.

It is a very engaging book with good pace and suspense. I admit that I could not put it down. But when I was halfway through and got to the point where the "secret" was being revealed, I became so disgusted with what the author was claiming that I could not go on. It was really really vile and offensive to read such slanders about the Lord.

I do not understand Christians who can read this book as a form of entertainment. Would a person read a book that told scandalous lies about, say, his mother, and enjoy reading such content? I doubt it very much. I would think such a book would be considered offensive and disrespectful.

In a similar manner, Da Vinci Code is extremely disrespectful towards Christ and it is defiling just to read such slander, much less enjoy it.