Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Statement on Social Justice is against racism

One of the lies being spread about the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel is that those in the antebellum South could sign the statement. Those who make and repeat the lies probably never actually read the statement, or they are willing to lie about its contents. This is what the statement says about the sin of racism, which no one in the antebellum South could have agreed to.

We deny that Christians should segregate themselves into racial groups or regard racial identity above, or even equal to, their identity in Christ. We deny that any divisions between people groups (from an unstated attitude of superiority to an overt spirit of resentment) have any legitimate place in the fellowship of the redeemed. ... (Denial, XII: Race/ Ethnicity, The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel)

It is one thing to reject the statement. It is another to lie about the statement and falsely bear witness about it so as to promote one's leftist "racial justice" agenda. Sadly, what has been seen so far is lies, lies and more lies, and little actual engagement with the substance of the Statement.

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